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One thought on “Concept Maps

  1. Possible Design principles for our blog
    I think the main principle is one of metalearning (I’m not sure how else to describe this) – the construction of the blog (which is about learning about DR) should follow the phases of DR and thereby our learning about DR will be more effective.

    So what does this mean for our blog?
    1. It should reflect the phases in the structure
    2. In each of the substructures (phases) it should reflect how we generated the content in that part, using DR principles.

    This principle should be explicit, so that, if, after this 5 day working group you do not have a clear and unambiguous understanding of DR, then we should be able to say why:
    1. Was it the meta nature of the task (the principle)?
    2. Or was there another reason (e.g. not enough time; materials too complex; class structured as workshop as opposed to lecture situation, etc.)
    So that the next iteration (Summerschool 2014?) should have a better outcome.

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