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Write a draft definition of Design Research

Instead of offering an instructional sequence that “works,” the objective of design research is to offer teachers an empirically grounded theory on how a certain set of instructional activities can work. (Gravemeijer, K)


Week 1


Day 1

  1. Presentation of the participants
  2. Brainstorming about DR
  3. Writing our draft definition of DR
  4. What is missing in our defintion?
  5. To do (Padlet)
    Focused literature review on DR:
    Design Research (2 papers) and Inspiring example (1 paper for each discipline)
  6. Assigning roles for the work

Day 2

  1. Discuss what we need to know about DR to design a product which could teach, in 5 sessions of 1 1/2 horu, to a group of participants of a summer school, a general idea of what is DR and how is it conducted
  2. Working in groups with the DR papers looking for important aspects of the concept and its features
  3. Putting together ideas about the group discussion
  4. Discussing some principles derived from Authentic Learning and Knowledge Building
  5. Assigning the activity of interviewing experts ( one researcher and one expert designer of teaching materials) and practitioners ( 2master students in the Freudenthal Institute)

Day 3: 

  1. Discuss the interviews and see how they inform our design
  2. Michiel Doorman, one of the authors of the inspiring example: Tool Use and the Development of the Function Concept,  came to visit the group and talked about his experience with DR in general and in the teaching experiment of our inspiring example
  3. Questions of the group
  4. First discussion obut the design principles from the paper