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We need to reflect on: The activity of each session, the way we are learning while designing our Blog and the way our Blog -the means to learn- is supporting our learning

Instead of offering an instructional sequence that “works,” the objective of design research is to offer teachers an empirically grounded theory on how a certain set of instructional activities can work. (Gravemeijer, K)


Week 2


Day 1

  1. Writing our reflections about
  • The creation of the blog
  • The process of learning DR
  • The process of understanding how DR is conducted
  • Things that are needed to reinforce (where do I feel confused still)

Day 2

  1. Writing our final definition of DR
  2. Brainstorming about posters for showcase and doing the posters
  3. Discussion about the design principles of our product (this is sill in draft)
  4. What next?

Some reflections on design thinking

Design provide procedures for solving problems-as particular manifestations of an underlying structure of inquiry common to all designing. (Peter Grow, Design Thinking)

…Design thinking

arlequin Virtual

is about using the designer’s approach to solving problems and developing new design. A ‘Great Design’ is characterized by a deep understanding of the user, creative resolution of tensions, collaborative prototyping, and continuous modification and enhancement of ideas and solutions.

Experienced pattern recognition:
Creating ideas is one thing, choosing the best one for the situation at hand, is where the real brilliance or experience comes in.